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We believe in your stories. Our studio will bring your ideas to life. We create your content with the most talented artists. No matter how big your dream is, tell the world what you are able to do.

We are based in Ibiza but we work with brands and companies all over the world.




Contact us at info@iamcreativestudio.com

IAM Creative Studio is a high-end content creation studio, specialising in the creation of advertising campaigns, fashion, music videos and other creative content for clients in a variety of industries.

We differentiate ourselves through our innovative and creative approach to content production, working closely with our clients to ensure that their needs and goals are fulfilled in every project.


Content creators

Creative production is key in the creation of exclusive advertising campaigns in IAM Creative Studio, focusing on creating unique and engaging narratives through high quality photography and video that show the essence of your brand in a captivating and exciting way.

We work hand-in-hand on how to connect with the client by creating your own trends and ways of communicating your brands message to position yourself in a different place from the rest.



We capture the most important and memorable moments of exclusive and high-profile events, such as galas, presentations, awards and other luxury events.

What else do we do?

Bringing stories to life through film.

film production

Creating stories through films is the best way to find your target audience. We make sense of all your ideas.



Creating high quality fashion content to help your brand tell its story in a visually compelling way is our goal. Our team has a long experience of the fashion industry. Whether it’s creating editorial content for magazines, social media posts or product content, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver engaging, impactful content. Highlighting above all else.

Expand your ideas.


We take very seriously the digital exposure of your brand through the development of different platforms (webs, apps, UI/UX, ) with the latest trends in design and development.

Also we know how important it is to fill your website with impactful content, so we also take care of the creation of all the content with the latest trends and technology, as well as advertising campaign content, product, and much more.



Creating a brand is not just about choosing a name and a logo, it is about creating a bespoke ecosystem that allows you to connect directly with your customers.

We work with you to create a unique and impactful brand identity. Our team of expert artists work closely with you to define your brand values, personality, positioning and visual development.



We are passionate about elevating the content of unforgettable experiences for dinner shows, restaurants and luxury hotels. We understand that, in this sector, it’s not just about serving good food and drink, a beautiful venue or an incredible show, but about showing guests a complete sensory experience that transports them to another world. That’s why we offer bespoke content creation campaigns to help our clients realize their vision.


Branded content

Branded content can effectively blend marketing and storytelling to create memorable and impactful brand experiences.


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